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Interview Coaching

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Attending interviews isn't something you do on a regular basis so when the need arises, you may be unsure how to effectively prepare and present yourself.

There's no need to worry anymore as our Management and Recruitment Consultants are here to help and take away any concerns you may have.

Our Consultants offer a personalised interview coaching service that significantly improves your technique and helps combat nerves and make sense of requirements before the big day.

Telephone or Skype sessions will help you develop your answers to the most common questions in your related field. Important issues, such as your CV and body language will be addressed to give you the best possible chance of securing the job.

Interview Packages

We provide three packages that are designed to meet your requirements and are all very competitively priced. Order Interview Coaching >

120 minute course

For just £199, a 120 minute coaching session will allow you and your Interview Coach to identify your personal skills, preparing for interviews and dealing with the unexpected.

90 minute course

A 90 session will provide you with techniques to control your nerves, thinking on your feet and giving the best possible interview you can for £149.

60 minute course

A 60 minute session, for £99, will involve formulating answers to questions that are likely to come up in an interview.

Why Do I Need Coaching?

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail! Order Interview Coaching >

There are approximately 53 candidates going for each role and it has never been more important to have the upper hand over all the others and really stand out.

All interview coaching sessions are tailored to your specific needs and no matter what length of interview coaching you choose, you will receive valuable advice and guidance.

With over 12 years experience of successfully recruiting candidates for roles across the UK, Europe and worldwide, our Consultants use their knowledge to make sure all your concerns are covered.

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