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Personal Statements & Application Forms


Sometimes a CV just isn’t enough and many companies will request a personal statement or application form either in place of a CV, or as an accompaniment. Primarily used within the public sector for roles within the teaching or healthcare sectors, for example, the only way to get your application considered for a job position is to follow the instructions set out by the employer to the absolute letter.

Personal Statement

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Depending on the sector you are applying to, the word count on the personal statement will differ. For example, if you are looking to secure a new role within the government sector, they may request more like 1,000 words whereas a middle-level teaching position would be around 500.

No matter what the word count is, you have to make sure that you adhere to it, or your application won’t even be read. Here at CV Knowhow, we know that this sounds harsh but with four times more candidates applying for any one role than 10 years ago, employers have to have some way of whittling down applications.

The other way they do this is to see if you meet the rest of the criteria; if they want customer service skills but you don’t have them, it doesn’t matter if you think you can do the job, they will want to see the evidence. This criterion will also include your main career experience, skills gained and capabilities shown.

CV writers at CV Knowhow have decades of experience in condensing this key information into a professionally written and detailed personal statement, whilst also highlighting reasons for applying for the role and why the position should go to you rather than the other 70 candidates they hear from.

Application Forms

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The majority of application forms are now online but don’t let that put you off – CV experts at CV Knowhow are well versed in the navigation of these particular forms. In this case, the writer will need your login details and password, but these can be changed once the application form is complete.

This means that the whole of the application form doesn’t have to be tackled at the same time. We can simply fill in the answers to the questions at the beginning of the form based on the information contained in your CV; namely personal details, educational information and career history.

The major, and most important part, of an application form is the section in which they ask for information as to why you feel you would be the most ideal candidate for the role and what skills, knowledge and expertise you bring. To actually sit down and sort your thoughts out into some kind of order can actually be quite intimidating; this is where CV Knowhow comes in.

By employing the services of our CV consultants, we make sure that all essential criteria are met in a clear, concise and well ordered manner, whilst also addressing as much of the desirable requirements as possible, giving you a significantly higher chance of being offered an interview.

NHS / Medical Application Forms

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A notoriously difficult process to complete, an application form aimed at roles within the healthcare sector can often contain multiple pages of information for completion, which can be confusing and extremely time consuming.

There is a team of CV Consultants at CV Knowhow who have extensive experience of successfully completing these application forms. Gleaning the information from existing CVs and extensive telephone / email communications, our CV writers won’t begin work until they believe they have all the relevant information in place.

Utilising a combination of exceptional writing abilities, attention to detail and in-depth knowledge and medical sector requirements, CV Knowhow’s CV consultants ensure these application forms are completed to the highest possible standard.

UCAS Personal Statement

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Taking that next step up the educational ladder by applying to further your studies at a University of your choice is something which is chosen by more than half a million 18-year-olds on an annual basis. But acceptance and subsequent entry isn’t something which is a foregone conclusion as competition is high for University places, particularly on the most common courses such as Computer Science, Medicine and Dentistry, Physical Sciences, Law and Arts & Design, among others.

Whilst studying A Levels, students will be asked to complete a UCAS personal statement, which forms part of the application process, of up to 500 words, detailing your previous studies, skills and ambitions, which will ultimately be checked by the Admissions Office at the University of your choice.

The interview process at the majority of universities is becoming obsolete and as such, the personal statement is often the first and only time to impress. University personnel will run your statement through software which will identify if there has been any plagiarism and if this is positive, your application will go no further.

CV Knowhow’s CV writers will collaborate with you to write this statement in line with guidelines and procedures, ensuring you not only achieve your educational dreams but also lay the foundations for your future career aspirations. They can also have a look at the personal statement that you have prepared and highlight any areas which may need more work, whilst providing ongoing advice and support.

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