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5 Accompanying Letters for Job Application

5 Letters only £ 80

You can significantly strengthen your job application with a cover letter and as such, CV Knowhow has developed a range of letters to cover every eventuality, from a generic and tailored response to follow up and resignation.

There are so many different ways to apply for a job these days, whether that is through an agency, job board or to the company directly, so why not boost your chances of securing the job of your dreams with a cover letter prepared by one of our expert CV Consultants? The content of the letter can also be just as effective utilised in email form.

You can even purchase a letter pack, consisting of two cover letters, two follow ups and a professionally written registration letter for just £80. And if you don’t feel that this particular pack meets your specific needs, we can also prepare five letters in response to five different jobs, which you can order and then over a two month period provide us with the job descriptions. Alternatively, singular letters cost just £20 each.

Speculative Cover Letters

Accompany your CV with a cover letter and increase your chances of having it read. Order Covering Letter >

Have you ever wanted to work for a particular organisation but struggled to find a job vacancy that suits your skill set? Then you can always send out your professionally written CV addressed to the CEO or Managing Director, which will ultimately land on the right desk. But if you don’t accompany it with an appropriate cover letter, then you may as well have not bothered as this wastes time, chance AND opportunity.

With a speculative cover letter, however, the chances of having your CV read automatically significantly improves; and if it is read, then you are one step closer to securing the job of your dreams. An accurate reflection of your CV, your speculative cover letter should be no longer than a full page, detailing the skills, knowledge, experience and your desire to want to work at that particular company. CV Consultants at CV have a plethora of experience across all sectors and therefore know what employers are looking for and will deliver against these expectations.

Tailored Response Cover Letters

Tailoring your cover letter to a person specification is the only way to get your application considered. Order Tailored Covering Letter >

When you see an advertisement for a job that you are eager to apply for, then nine times out of 10 this will have a job description and person specification alongside it. The job description will outline the duties and responsibilities that the role being advertised commands and the person specification details exactly what the employer is looking for in the ideal candidate.

Often in lieu of an application form, a tailored (or advert) response letter should include the information requested in the person specification, showing evidence of how you have those skills and how you got them. It’s also beneficial to include achievements made, as well as duties and responsibilities, but in a clear and concise manner so not to exceed the preferred maximum of one A4 page.

Follow Up Cover Letters

You can show how serious you are about securing the job position by sending another cover letter out to follow up. Order Follow Up Letter >

Evidence has suggested that if you don’t hear anything back from your first cover letter whether it is speculative or tailored response, then you further increase the chance of being offered an interview by 60% if you follow it up with another one.

There are two reasons for this train of thought, the first being that it reinforces your interest in the role, which will earn you kudos with the reader. Secondly, if yours was the first CV which was read, it brings your name back into the forefront of the mind of the employer, who will go back and read your CV and cover letter again.

Follow up letters should always refer to the first letter sent through and just reiterate the details contained in the original one, in a more concise manner; you can even bullet point your follow letter with the most important aspects of your first cover letter. CV Knowhow would recommend that you leave it for a period of two weeks before sending out a follow up letter, or, if it is a tailored response letter, two weeks after the closing date.

Resignation Letter

Remain on good terms with the organisation you are leaving with a professional resignation letter. Resign With Ease >

So, you’ve managed to get your CV in front of the right person, who has read it, interviewed you and now offered you the job – well done! But before you take up your new job role, you need to resign from your existing position and it is advisable to do this in the best way possible.

The most common notice period to work is a month, but there are some executive roles which require you to complete three months before you can leave and either way, it would make your remaining days easier if you resigned politely and gratefully.

CV Consultants at CV Knowhow are aware of the best way to do this; you don’t need to over share regarding your new role, just simply let them know you are leaving and thank them for the opportunities they have given you. After all, you never know, you may need them again in the future.

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