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Success Stories

CV Knowhow knows how to help people get ahead in the job search. See what we did for these professionals.

Looking to move up the career ladder

Headshot of CaseyCasey, Financial Services

Casey wanted to transition from one industry to another. She needed help highlighting the job skills she had that could translate when changing careers. Her original CV simply didn’t give recruiters a good idea of her career goals.

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Summarising years of experience

Headshot of LeslieLeslie, eDiscovery/Litigation Support

Leslie returned to school to complete her university degree, and had to tie her recent work experience back to her prior industry. She needed help telling her career story in a cohesive way. Her CV was overly crammed with too much information, making it difficult for a hiring manager to quickly scan.

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Leslie's CV before CV Knowhow Leslie's CV after CV Knowhow

Entering the workforce

Headshot of MikeMike, Translator

Mike was searching for his dream job, but wasn’t sure how to get it. He needed to define and package his relevant job skills to attract the right job opportunities. Mike barely had a CV to begin with, so he needed one that spoke to these specific assets.

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Switching industries

Headshot of JonJon, Healthcare Sales

Jon was looking to switch careers, but needed to tell a better story and highlight how his work experience and technical skills could add value to a new employer. His CV was too long, so his accomplishments were too buried too deep to be noticed by recruiters.

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My main concern was ‘Am I going to get what I paid for?’ … What I got back was well-beyond what I thought I’d get back with the amount of effort I put in.

What customers say about us

I had a four-page CV that stated a lot of completed tasks but had no clear vision. CV Knowhow re-wrote my CV, enriched it with keywords and accomplishments, condensed it to two pages, and I had an interview within a week.
CV Knowhow is rated a 4.2 out of 5, with over 500 reviews.
CV Knowhow is rated a 7.2 out of 10, with over 1,500 reviews.
I highly recommend CV Knowhow. I am a happy job hunter once again, confident that my abilities have now been highlighted with my experience and qualifications. [Even] if you don't know how to sell yourself, CV Knowhow do.

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